KiCad Step Export doesn't export whole PCB Board

Hi Every one,
I have a PCB Layout in one project file, but the layout contain two edgecut part. that mean there is two sperated closed outline in the file. but after i export as step file, there only half of the part. how can an setup to get the other part? thanks.

Sorry I can"t upload any picture on the forum right now, i hope someone can help me.

Thanks for the upgrading

Here is the PCB what i have right now

I have two piece in one file.

But what i get, when i export as step file look like that. only half of the whole PCB can be exported. may be someone can help me how can i cofigure? Thanks alot.

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You can upload now, you have been promoted.

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So this is actually two boards in a panel?

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Yes, like the picture i uploaded, i have 2 edge cut on one file. But in step file i get only half of the whole PCB, how can i export the whole modell? thanks.

KiCad is still limited to single PCB single edge cuts outline.
The post above describes a work around using FreeCAD to import from KiCad

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Thanks for the anwser, hope kicad get better and more function. :grinning:

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