KiCAD status/roadmap and other FOSDEM talks

A video recording of Wayne’s presentation about KiCAD status and roadmap is up already.

More and more recordings of the other FOSS EDA talks are appearing as well (including my two) and can be accessed from the devroom schedule.


Interesting talk, several goodies coming up :thumbsup:

Wayne completely forgot to talk about timescales though - I know… when it’s ready :slight_smile:

I tried a nightly about a week ago and didn’t find the new schematic file format, I guess that is not yet committed?

ETA: I took a look at the timescale on v4 release. Wayne called for a feature freeze around March 2015. The v4 release branch was created about 6 months later in Sept 2015. 4.0.0 was officially released in Nov 2015.

AFAIK a feature freeze for v5 has not been called yet, so realistically we might expect a release in Q4 2017.

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He says this summer in the video.
As the harder changes are now pushed to v6, this is still achievable

Ah, must have missed that. A two year development would be quite reasonable, for this type of project. I think I would rather have something that is good and stable than rush out new features.


Most of the v5 features are already in Nightly and have been for some time, some of the v6 work is already showing in the mailing lists like the experimental custom pads