KiCad + SnapEDA

Hi does anyone try to use plugin from snapEDA but under linux? I have linux ubuntu and this do not want to work at all, can anyone help me with this?. Thank you :slight_smile:

“do not want to work at all” is not enough information to help you.
Provide steps you took, what error messages popped, if any, what exactly didn’t work.

I tried running it myself on windows and it just gets stuck on first launch, the message says “Installation has started, wait for it to complete” and it never completes.

They obfuscated their code too so I doubt anyone will be able to help you, contact snapeda themselves.

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FYI, I experienced these same problems (on Linux). Digging in, there are (at a minimum) undocumented dependencies that the plugin has.

I’m currently executing a rebuild of the flatpak build including tkinter to see what the next missing dependency is (if they went with Tk, I’m sure there will be a need for TCL or some other esoteric component).

As an aside I’m a little gob-smacked that in the 3rd decade of the 21st century someone chose Tk for their graphics framework (over Wx). I’ll let this post from 2010-11-09 go into more detail:

Choosing wxPython over Tkinter

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