Kicad simulator problem

I’m new to Kicad. I developed a schematic and discovered it could be simulated. Great! I tried to simulate it and got a big list of errors and messages I don’t understand. I looked a tutorials and read the help files and am no smarter. Some of the are messages tell me there’s an erron line 2 of the schematic, there’s an unknown parameter, source resister not in Circuit, and finally, Run simulation aborted.
Have I missed something during the install or are there files I should have loaded?
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I’m also new in Kicad, i have tried simulator tool and have found that in fact to get a successful simulation, we need to respect some rules, especially name of power sources and in many cases we should specify component ngspice model. For beginners, it seems to be a hard task. Simulation in Kicad isn’t yet fluent like with other simulator software.

Hi BillBard,

indeed simulation does not work just out of the box with every type of schematic that you have drawn!

This is, because most of the schematic symbols do not have a simulation model associated with them by default.
Also, you will need to specify the sources which will excite your circuit (for example a DC Voltage source or an AC (sinusoidal) voltage source.

For beginners, I can recommend the following blog-post to start:
It had helped me a lot.

If you want us to help with your specific situation, I propose that you post the schematic here in this thread, so we can see what you are trying to do exactly.


Yeah you shouldn’t think of kicad as having a simulator, but that kicad can act as a frontend for spice. If you have no experience with that, it’s going to be a steep learning curve. And there is no hope for simulating the vast majority of schematics.

I discovered Kicad (with NGspice) after the using LTspice for a couple of years. I had difficulty (like many others) so, I started my ngspice education from scratch.

I scoured the internet and compared the presentations of the info, looking for the one’s that suit my ‘getting-started’ learning style. I found several and was able to quickly move forward with success. Mind you, ‘Success’ means different things to different people.

I read the info and followed the first Three Examples in this Post and was up-and-running in a few minutes. It’s a good starting point … There are additional excellent examples to follow…

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