Kicad running error

Hi, eeschema file Not Responding Error creat after creat new/open project my OS win7 plz help me.

kiCAD version 5.1.5)-2

well … win 7 is no longer supported by microsoft so it might be time to move on (either win 10 or if your pc does not have the specs for that then there is always linux)

However, i think v5 should in theory work on win 7 (it is no longer officially supported there for the above mentioned reason, see

With that out of the way lets start to find reasons as to what could go on. A few questions for that:

  • Did KiCad work in the past on this setup?
  • What is the exact KiCad version? (paste everything from help->about kicad->copy version info)
  • Do you have a graphics card with drivers installed supporting opengl 2.1 (as per system requirements)?
  • Does pcbnew work? Does it work in all toolsets (accelerated and fallback)?

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