Kicad, route track near edge cut

Hello. Can someone explain to me, how I can route tracks very close to the edge cut? Because using standard way it looks terrible, see picture. I’m using Kicad 6, can’t find out how.

Maybe you can enable Highlight Collisions routing mode and enable free angles.


Hello, I would first roughly lay the conductor track along the EdgeCut. Then select a section of the track and move it with the “G” key.

You don’t have to “draw” the trace, just set a Start point, then click on the next intermediate point. That will draw a straight line.

What is the reason you want to lay that track so close to the edge?

Usually I do not care about details like that.
I just route tracks from a start point to an endpoint, and through the global area where I want them to be.

For the final result I completely rely on the Push and Shove capabilities of the Interactive router.

Relying on the Interactive Router for such details is a very big help in routing PCB’s both faster and neater. near the end you can do a cleanup pass if you want.

If you hover over a track segment and press the g key, then it grabs a corner between two track segments and you can drag it around under “any angle”, and I think it works this way regardless of other settings. But it does only drag two segments, so the first task is to get rid of that mess of aboug 40 small track segments.

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