KiCad Quote Plugin

I’m looking for beta testers for a new plugin that’s integrated into KiCad. The plugin allows users to get quotes and place orders from within KiCad. It is streamlined for both fabrication and fabrication + assembly. The plugin is FREE, so please give it a try!

Beta test the KiCad quote plugin.

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Here’s my feedback:

  • I had to enter “asdf” in all the fields before I could even get the plugin download link.
  • On the download page I would expect a reminder on how to install plugins. It only needs to mention two things: 1. That the plugin installation consists of manually copying the folder into KiCad’s plugin folder. 2. Where KiCad’s plugin folder is. I had to download a 63 pages manual to get that info.
  • Then the manual says “Launch a KiCad design file and enable the Sierra Plugin to use.” This part is uncharacteristically short, here it would be good to mention that you can enable the plugin in the Preferences dialog of the Pcbnew program. Yes, I know this is implicit by saying “Launch a KiCad design file”, but that wasn’t super obvious to me at first.

After that it asked me for a login, so my review ends here.

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@Amit_Bahl Is the new plugin compatible with the new 6.0 RC1?

I have used Sierra in the past (fab+assembly) with good success, but it’s been a while.