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I want the Kicad User Group that I moderate to be added to the main Kicad web site. It used to be there years ago but since CERN took over it seems to have disappeared. The group is the oldest of the Kicad User Groups being more than 15 years old so I think it should be there. It is currently all but invisible in the the forums page in a little menu on the right hand side labelled User Mailing List. It does not even show up under the main community menu.

However, the problem is that according the Kicad web page, the way to do this is to send a pull request to to thew Kicad repository and I have absolutely no idea what that is let alone how to do it. Help!!



Hi Ian, i just saw it i right here:

A “pull request” is a standard term from git.
Git is a source code management system, and it is also used for tracking and making changes to the KiCad website.

In short, the steps are that you first make a copy of the source code of the KiCad website (called a “clone” in git- speak)
Then in that copy, you make a “fork”, and in that fork you make the changes needed to add your links, pictures, text, etc to the kicad website. And you can experiment and verify that everything still works as expected.
After that, you make the “pull request”. This is generated by git and is the difference between the “master” part and your “fork” in which you applied the changes. And that pull request can be sent o someone with rights to change the official KiCad website. Then that person can verify if the changes are acceptable ( no spam or malicious stuff allowed etc.), and if the changes are acceptable they can be integrated into the official website.

Git is a very powerful tool, and it takes some effort to learn. For a lot of people however this apparently is a bit too much to ask for. For the developers and maintainers of the website it is a way to greatly reduce the time needed to verify proposals for changes or additions to the web site.

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@ianbell The user group / mailing list is already linked on the website like @Aris_Kimi shows in their screenshot

Thanks for all the helpful replies. It seems it was there all the time but just call user mailing list.



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