Kicad printing PCB

I would like to print and etch my PCB.How do you guys print specific part of the paper like Eagle do.Some people recommended to print as a PDF file and under gimp or Photoshop move it to place but it’s so difficult to set real size.

From the context, with »print specific part of the paper« you probably mean »at a specific location« ? If so, i would recommend to place the PCB in pcbnew (the Layout editor) directly.
You have the absolute 0,0 draw your print leftwards and downwards from it (positive X and Y). After you are finished / moved the PCB, store the PCB under a new name (to not destroy something) and move everything by the amount you want (enable all layers and objects, highlight everything, shift-M, enter offset/coordinates). Now when you plot it, the objects should have the correct offset.

You could automate that with a script when you do it regularly.

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