Kicad popup windows keep growing in size

I have been experiencing a bug for some time now, so I thought to post it.

When doing Kicad stuff on my work laptop which has 2 USB-C monitors every Kicad popwindow keeps growing in size every time you open one. This can be any window, text properties, values properties etc. After 3 or 4 times they don’t even fit on the three monitors anymore.

I use Kicad V7.0.5 on Windows 10

I have no clue whether Kicad or Windows causes it. The latter may actually be the case. With yEd graphs I have a similar issue where the windows window manager fails me.



I cannot reproduce it with 7.0.6rc2 on Windows 10, so most likely a Windows graphics driver problem

Actually it’s not. It’s a high-DPI issue that only rears it head above 100% scaling. We are saving dpi scaled sizes but wxWidgets for whatever reason is applying scaling to the sizes we provide on restore assuming the size we are giving it is not scaled.

This kind of stuff (window management) is never the job of display drivers on Windows.

Thanks, so wxWidgets again.

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