KiCad Plugin for PCB Quotation and Ordering

Hello everyone. We’re trying to build plugins which make the connection between design and manufacturing easier. Here’s the initial try and we’re looking for your feedback and suggestions.

This active manufacturing plugin will help you:

  • Extract key manufacturing parameters from your design
  • Get real-time quotations from NextPCB within KiCad
  • Generate Gerber files and upload them to NextPCB along with your personal board settings

No login needed. Just install it and have a try.

More details can be found here: GitHub - HQNEXTPCB/HQ-NextPCB-Active-Manufacturing.

BOM and SMT are not supported for now, but it’s on the way.


:+1: Good to have you onboard the good ship OSS KiCad.

Nice tool :+1: :+1: :+1:

Nice to see more Kicad recognition :smiley:

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