Kicad Plugin and content manager error

Dear Team,

I recently installed Kicad 6 in my PC.

When I click on plugin and content manager,I am getting an error as shown below.


Do you have full internet access on all ports or are you on a restricted network? Firewall rules might not be allowing you to connect. If that is the case, you may have more luck if you use a VPN.

I am using my home internet.I don’t think any restrictions are there

Click the “Details” button in that error window to see if there’s a better error message?

Also try the Refresh button.

Thank yoy.I clicked the details button.Please see the below image.

Repo details is given below

Previously I had a similar error and it was due to the antivirus not allowing the files to be downloaded correctly.

Are you behind a corporate proxy?

The next kicad release should fix that slightly.

Please a 6.0 testing build anyway (6.0 with bug fixes before the next release)

Yes I installed Kicad 6 in my office PC

Try a testing build linked above, these are pre-6.0.2 builds and have a fix for corporate environments

Sure I will try it and let you know.Thank you

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