KiCad plays on 5 FPS

my first post here and I have a problem of course.

Been using the software for over a year and me loves it.
I have reinstalled my Windows10 (home PC) downloaded the latest KiCad version.

When running PCBnew my performance drops for no apparent reason.
After selecting an object and trying to move it, it just appears in different locations every second.
I have experimented in the Preference options(AA) but nothing helps
Downloaded different versions of KiCad, went back to version 4 and the problem is still there.

It works perfectly on my office laptop but at my flagship home PC it doesnt.

Whats going on?

Have you installed decent graphics drivers afterinstalling windows?
Do you have any performance issues with other programs than KiCad?

This suggests that you do not have proper graphics drivers installed and Windows is using some kind of fall-back graphics, which would mean it has nothing to do with KiCad at all.

There was also a problem with the display settings if you are running a high dpi monitor (I could find the related thread, but you can try and play with the display settings) and make sure that you are in the accelerated mode (F11)

I do have the latest drivers and it worked normally on my PC and monitor before the Windows reinstall.

Did you reset/delete your old preferences file when you downloaded the new version? I think @der.ule has pointed out that the acceleration settings are likely to be what you what you need to adjust. Not for the first time, corrupted preferences when you install multiple versions can result in odd behaviour. You might find that you need to try different graphics settings and then quit and restart the program to see the effect.

Sry mate but changing the graphics settings did not do anything

Other programs like FreeCad, matlab and Witcher 3 run fine…

Witcher is irrelevant as it will not use opengl but directx.
matlab does not require graphics at all so also irrelevant here.

Leaves only FreeCad. I assume it also opengl but am not sure about that (and we can not be sure it will use the same feature set of opengl as kicad, I suspect there will be an overlap but not full coverage -> so it might be an indicator that opengl generally works but it is not a guarantee).

Did you check if the different canvases (toolsets) behave differently? (F9, F10 and F12 or view menu of pcbnew/eeschema)

Yes I did check, swapping and trying F9 F10 and F12

That’s weard…

I’ve goofed up my system at the moment.
On my linux box I did something stupid with a multi boot of different linux distro’s that all use the same /home.

As a result I do not have any proper graphics driver.
When I try to open a schematic in Kicad warns me with:

It is also an 12 year old PC with a passmark rating of 1500.
And still I have much better performance while moving a footprint in KiCad compared with Benjamin’s last video.

Because of lack of working OpenGL drivers I can not see anything in KiCad’s 3D viewer. That is a strong indicator your system does not work propperly.

(Do not try to help me with this. I can figure it out, I just wanted to make the comparison here).

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