KiCad PCB update

Is it possible to have KiCad PCB remove tracks between pads when the connection is changed? I.e. e.g. when the connection IC7 pin 9 to IC4 pin 11 is changed to, say, IC7 pin 9 to IC12 pin 1, the track IC7 pin 9 to IC4 pin 11 is removed?

KiCad does not do this.

Apparently there is a funcion in “eagle”, where it constantly tries to keep the schematic and the PCB in sync, with the result that if you delete a wire in the schematic, then the track on the PCB is also deleted, but KiCad does not do this.

In KiCad you always run DRC, at least at the end, just before generating Gerbers (making a checklist for yourself is useful, so you do not forget this).

I’ve also read some reports of this funciton in eagle, where it was more annoying then useful. Take for example: 5V -> Resistor -> LED -> GND, and then for routing purposes you want to reverse the resistor and the LED to: 5V -> LED -> Resistor -> GND.

If you want to do this in eagle, then apparrently some tracks get deleted and you have to route them again. In KiCad, you can swap it in the schematic, then update the PCB with the new netlist, and then you can simply move the footprints of the resistor and the LED. Often you can re-use most of the already routed track segments. In KiCad the track segments simply change to the new net if you put a pad of a footprint over it.

Overall it’s also (usually) a small issue and not worth it to make a big fuss about.

Yes ! The habit of “real time” deleting tracks in eagle was really painful. I made lots of workarounds with double connections to keep the existing tracks until changes were complete. KiCads apperently nonintelligent behaviour is a blessing !

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