KiCAD PCB Antenna footprints

Here are; ready to use PCB Antenna library, footprints, documents, etc…


Why not create a project on GitHub, perfect for this?

I have not run the GitHub project before. I don’t know how to use github. :frowning:

Aren’t you supposed to have a .dcm file to go with your .lib file. I don’t see one in your zip file. Just the symbol library file “MyAntennas.lib” but not a “MyAntennas.dcm” file. Don’t we need that to see your symbols?

dcm file contains what you put into this dialog…

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DCM File contains;

EESchema-DOCLIB Version 2.0

$CMP AN91445
F C:/KiCAD/MyLibs/Datasheets/AN91445.pdf

$CMP DM00024648
F C:/KiCAD/MyLibs/Datasheets/DM00024648.pdf

F C:/KiCAD/MyLibs/Datasheets/swra117d.pdf

F C:/KiCAD/MyLibs/Datasheets/swra118.pdf

F C:/KiCAD/MyLibs/Datasheets/swru120b.pdf

#End Doc Library

Here the “MyAntennas.dcm” file;

ah HA! Now I see how the .dcm file works and how you typically edit it’s contents.

I edited the path in efem’s version so it pointed to where I put the .pdf’s and it is all working. Cool!

Learned yet again something new about KiCad. Thanks Joan and efem.

[I’m slowly figuring KiCad out and hope to make my first PCB and send it off to be built.]


Would you share these in the KiCAD libs on GitHub?

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of course, yes. But I don’t know how do share on the Github. May be someone help me to do it. :slight_smile:

You register an account at github and read the how-to-guide that was made exactly for this purpose by them :wink:
The two things you need is ‘create a repository’ and ‘commit’.
All else is for team/bughungting/collaborative work and not really needed for stuff like this.

There is a desktop tool that you can install that makes this more comfortable:
No idea why there is no linux though… must be different there or built in already?!

just seen that you will also or instead need the pull-request feature.
So same, register and then rock up at the link @jkriege2 posted and follow the red circles:

The librarians should then take care of it and comment/work with you.

Git was created by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development

Ah right, there was that. Remember having read about it.