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Are there any ways in KiCAD PCB to tune differential pairs in one particular layer? For eg., If I’m routing Differential pair(USB) signal top to middle and then middle to the bottom layer. I like to length tune particularly in the Middle layer and then bottom layers like in Altium or other. Is that feature available or any plans to add incoming updates?
I do see a few of the High-speed design is going to be done in KiCAD (like Olimex ) How these length matching could be achievable As per other views KiCAD is not meant for high-speed design as it lacks few high-speed design feature
Are there any plans to add importing parts info directly from Digikey and other suppliers?

Not sure what you mean, if you just click on the part of your track in the middle layer then you’ll tune that segment. But if you’re using vias naive length tuning is kinda pointless. And unless you’re doing USB3 it’s completely unnecessary.

Very unlikely to happen.

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If I click on the part of track it’ll tune from top to bottom.
Like for eg., Different address signal where Im going 5 address signal going from middle layer to bottom, where I need to make sure that all the 5 signals have the same length(same timing).
Another question, Is there a option where I can select different signal or make it as a net see all the signal length currently I’ve to individually measure one by one.(Like USB 3.0, make a net class of SSTX+,-,RX+,- and DP DM ).
Thank you.

This is the kind of thing that will be easy for people to add once there is a Python API for eeschema (which is currently in the works)


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