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Can anybody point me to a webpage for 3D models downloads? I tried what I found on the net, Github, etc, but whatever I do, it always stops before having a complete downlpad. And also there is no progress bar, which sounds a little bit suspicious.
Is there something special about the 3D models? Until now, I never experienced issues. I can always download the Kicad executables at once. This morning, I made about 5 ~ 6 attempts, and it always stalls after a few 100MBs.

Thanks for any hint.



You can get them directly from github

If you have trouble downloading KiCad I put torrents of v5.1 here.


Just curious, where do you live and what kind of internet connection do they have over there?

From what I remember KiCad installs in 5 minutes or so inclusive download of all the libraries (5GB or so?).
But I’m a lucky guy with a linux system, which means that I simply order my PC to install KiCad, and then my PC is smart enough to know where to get KiCad from the 'net and it fetches it from “somewhere” and installs it. There is no need to first manually download it and then install.

I have some old memories of needing a “download manager” to download any non-trivial file and it took 15 minutes to download a .MP3 with a few minutes of audio…

Without those luxuries the torrents pointed to by qu1ck may indeed be a reasonable alternative.


Thanks for your reply. I live in Japan. And that’s really the first time in ages that I get that kind of problem. Usually whatever I download gets to my disk within minutes, and the bottleneck is on the other side. Downloading files from Japan servers is usually quick, with bitrates around 10 MBps. You were talking about Linux, I recently dowloaded Ubuntu 18. Click, fetch a coffee across the road, and Ubuntu was on my disk when I came back. But this time, the speed is around 100k for a while, and it hangs after a few megs, which can be, say, between 50 and 500. And I don’t even know how big it is.
I checked the torrents, but the file name is exactly the same as what I have already downloaded (the whole kicad package), so I guess many 3D packages will be missing, and that’s why I’m trying to find more at other places.


At the moment I’ve got 4.8GB of 3D shapes installed (See list below), and that makes it one of the biggest downloads.

Here in Europe the Internet slows down noticably after most people get home from work, and the fastest times are during the night when most are sleeping.
I seem to recall more people had bandwidth problems just after the release of KiCad V5.1, but I’m not sure of that.

paul@dualcore:/usr/share/kicad/modules/packages3d$ du -h
408K ./Fuse.3dshapes
2.8M ./Package_DirectFET.3dshapes
6.0M ./Battery.3dshapes
4.6M ./Inductor_SMD.3dshapes
537M ./Connector_PinSocket_2.00mm.3dshapes
6.6M ./Transformer_THT.3dshapes
2.0M ./Converter_ACDC.3dshapes
113M ./Connector_Phoenix_MC.3dshapes
9.9M ./Converter_DCDC.3dshapes
14M ./Package_TO_SOT_SMD.3dshapes
7.6M ./Diode_THT.3dshapes
548M ./Connector_PinSocket_1.27mm.3dshapes
12M ./Package_TO_SOT_THT.3dshapes
49M ./Button_Switch_SMD.3dshapes
2.3M ./TestPoint.3dshapes
271M ./Connector_PinSocket_1.00mm.3dshapes
77M ./Package_DFN_QFN.3dshapes
2.7M ./Sensor_Current.3dshapes
3.2M ./Package_LGA.3dshapes
2.9M ./Relay_SMD.3dshapes
4.7M ./Connector_FFC-FPC.3dshapes
432K ./Connector_BarrelJack.3dshapes
538M ./Connector_PinSocket_2.54mm.3dshapes
1.3M ./Connector_SATA_SAS.3dshapes
34M ./Connector_Phoenix_GMSTB.3dshapes
716K ./Potentiometer_SMD.3dshapes
97M ./Package_SO.3dshapes
2.0M ./Buzzer_Beeper.3dshapes
228K ./Valve.3dshapes
520K ./Heatsink.3dshapes
89M ./Connector_Phoenix_MSTB.3dshapes
71M ./Connector_JST.3dshapes
1.3M ./Connector_Coaxial.3dshapes
124K ./Filter.3dshapes
556K ./Sensor.3dshapes
616K ./Connector_Card.3dshapes
12M ./Resistor_THT.3dshapes
336K ./Connector.3dshapes
220K ./MountingEquipment.3dshapes
29M ./Package_BGA.3dshapes
3.8M ./Connector_USB.3dshapes
300K ./Ferrite_THT.3dshapes
3.3M ./Package_SON.3dshapes
50M ./TerminalBlock_Altech.3dshapes
6.1M ./LED_THT.3dshapes
125M ./Connector_Molex.3dshapes
6.2M ./OptoDevice.3dshapes
97M ./Inductor_THT.3dshapes
172M ./Package_DIP.3dshapes
8.1M ./Resistor_SMD.3dshapes
120K ./Sensor_Audio.3dshapes
350M ./Connector_PinHeader_2.54mm.3dshapes
8.3M ./Crystal.3dshapes
14M ./Varistor.3dshapes
16M ./Capacitor_SMD.3dshapes
29M ./Display_7Segment.3dshapes
2.7M ./Capacitor_Tantalum_SMD.3dshapes
1.3M ./Potentiometer_THT.3dshapes
34M ./Connector_Phoenix_MC_HighVoltage.3dshapes
12M ./Connector_Samtec.3dshapes
70M ./Capacitor_THT.3dshapes
2.1M ./LED_SMD.3dshapes
1.2M ./Transformer_SMD.3dshapes
28M ./Connector_IDC.3dshapes
2.5M ./Diode_SMD.3dshapes
180K ./Sensor_Pressure.3dshapes
5.9M ./Relay_THT.3dshapes
388K ./Oscillator.3dshapes
184K ./Module.3dshapes
339M ./Connector_PinHeader_1.27mm.3dshapes
346M ./Connector_PinHeader_1.00mm.3dshapes
12M ./RF_Module.3dshapes
380K ./Connector_RJ.3dshapes
224M ./Package_QFP.3dshapes
21M ./Display.3dshapes
544K ./Connector_Pin.3dshapes
24M ./Button_Switch_THT.3dshapes
336M ./Connector_PinHeader_2.00mm.3dshapes
4.8G .
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Does anybody know if the 5.1.0 KiCad/kicad-packages3D packages are still compatible with kicad 5.0.2 ?


They should be.
The 3D modules are somehow independent of footprints and symbols. I mean, a 3D model is created outside KiCad. Then it must be aligned with the KiCad footprint.

Official libs guarantee the 3D model is aligned with its footprint.

As a 3D model is linked to a footprint with a path in the footprin 3D settings field you can change, if needed, this path to point the v5.1.0 packages 3D model for every individual v5.0.2 footprint.


Thanks for replying, Pedro.
“As a 3D model is linked to a footprint with a path in the footprin 3D settings field you can change, if needed, this path to point the v5.1.0 packages 3D model for every individual v5.0.2 footprint.”

I suppose you mean that for each 3D model, I can set where exactly to anchor the 3D origin (0,0,0) to the footprint’s 2D origin (0,0) in the Footprint Editor ? I suppose also that two of the three axes in the 3D model are by definition aligned with the footprint’s horizontal and vertical axes ?

I am a bit dense when it comes to the 3D models.
I couldn’t find a reference to a 3D model in the Footprint Editor, even for a component that I clearly saw had a 3D model in pcbnew’s View…3D Viewer.

Can you help me find where to make this (0,0,0) to (0,0) anchor in kicad 5.0.2 ?


Two different things:

When I say “aligned” I mean this:

and not this

The 3D models are files located anywhere, usually in your hard disk. In the footprint editor one must set the path to the 3d file. this is what I mean by “linked”

In this case I have used a path containing an environment variable, but it can be a hard path.
I have not a copy of v5.0.2 installed in my computer, I can’t remember the exact way to edit the path of the 3d package. But you must look for an icon or tab with 3d settings


In kicad 5.0.2 I found that I could get this dialog box by File…Properties…3D Settings tab:

and “re-aligning” the footprint relative to the 3D file by changing the three “Offset” values in the lower-left corner. I did not save the changes to the footprint.
Thank you, pedro.


There are no file format changes in 5.1.x
Please report any 3D model alignment errors on GitHub


The most likely explanation for footprint to 3d model miss-match is if you have the footprints from version 4 and 3d models from version 5. Especially if the scale is wrong. (In v4 we had the models drawn with 1 unit is 1mm but kicad interprets the models as 1 unit is 1 inch. Meaning we needed to use scaling in the footprints to get the correct size. This however does not work if one wants to support both step and wrl. Meaning nearly all v4 footprints are now incompatible with the new v5 3d models as we now define step as the main focus.)


Thanks for clarifying.

By “unit” you mean the the units corresponding to the numerals written in the 3D model files?

By the way, I removed kicad v4.0.7 and replaced my operating system before installing kicad 5.0.8. I only kept project files from 4.0.7. in a separate folder.



Full disclosure first - I work for SamacSys, and you can get 3D models from for many parts - the latest platform now supports the *.kicad_mod format with our 3D models from the 4th April 2019. For more information, please refer to".
They’re aligned with the footprints too.


Do you have a disclosure to make seeing you just joined and this seems to be your first post?


Hi Hermit - yes, I’ve updated my post to make it clear for anyone reading it.