access from Russian IP addresses

Is blocked from access from Russian Geolocated IP addresses? Trying to go from there leads to “connection from timed out”.

I am able to reach using a VPN server located in Moscow.

We aren’t doing any blocking.

From what I have heard, Russia has been blocking half the internet for 10+ years.

Looks like it is blocked by Russia

That’s a broken test site, it even says is blocked :wink:

This isn’t the address of any of the sites, but seems to be a Cloudflare server which protects from DoS attacks. If your and others Internet connections are being proxied by -cough-censor-cough- servers, it could look like the exit IP of the server is flooding the Cloudflare server with requests.

Not even China does that. That’s not how any of the censorship implementations work.

Thank you, I was need answer from official KiCad personnel