Kicad official repository URL

Hello everyone

This Mohammed Falah , new member in this forum , glad to read your replies.

In Plugin and content manager. In somehow I deleted the URL of kicad officail repositry in

the Kicad V6.0 , I am trying to recovery it but can’t recovered.

pls , anyone have this URL to type it in the comment.


Hello, welcome and a happy new year @Mohammed_Kicad_Falah .

Here it is:

Happy new year

Thank you :smiling_face: for help me

I suggest you change your avatar.
It looks suspiciously like some semiconductor manufacturer, and I guess you do not represent them, which makes your avatar misleading. You can also get in legal trouble for abusing their logo.

This is a serious business. Big companies are very protective about their logos.

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Thanks for your advice , I will change it quickly

thank you

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I am just favorite this company , yes it is big semiconductor manufacturer , it is Texas Instruments

Thanks again.

That was quick, and the avatar looks adequate / good.

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