KiCad Not wanting to fill any zone other than ground, weird bug?


I am developing 4 layers PCB and I encountered weird issue.
First copper plane does not complain when I fill it with either ground or 3.3v rail.

but other layers just go nuts when trying to fill them with anything other than GND
here are screnshots:

as soon as I change it to 3.3v it goes crazy and only does outline

for some reason this forum wont let me upload more than one pic so I cannot show normal looking filled layer.

Please help me, I have been struggling with this for few hours!
I didn’t have any problem like this before. Its latest version.

How do I make it fill 3.3v layer ?

The zone must connect to something which is connected to your 3V3, so you need to put a Via or TH pad. SMD pads do not connect to internal layers.


Thanks, that worked!

I was momentarily lost when adding a ground plane to one of my PC boards at a friend’s suggestion… for the help of others who may wind up in the same pickle, here’s the steps.

When in board setup, select the number of desired layers (Hint: When using an external autorouter, this step may be best done AFTER letting the router have a go with laying down traces), and assign the “power” attribute to those layers as needed.

Back in the main screen, make one of these new layers active. Select the zone fill, and you should be prompted for the ‘net’ to assign to that layer. From there you can adjust the zone shape to your needs, but remember to refresh the fills (B) whenever routing vias through the layers.

To the OP: Glad to see you got it sorted!


Thanks for teaching me the shortcut (B)

all the best

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