Kicad not enforcing design rules?

I’m having trouble getting kicad to enforce trace spacing design rules. There’s no snapping or space limits when I’m putting down a trace. I can make a funnel cake trace if I want. And I love funnel cake.

Video showing design rule trace snapping:

Kicad settings and funnel cake:

Check out the video again, the trace clearance is between different nets.

The tests you made are for traces of the same net (or better no net at all, as you didn’t connect it to a pad with a net).

If DRC would not let you put traces of the same net together, how would you be able to connect the pads/parts with each other?

Ah ha! That works. I guess I was also thinking about the spacing outlines wrong too. It’s OK to cross the markers as long as neither pad crosses into the other’s zone.

… hmmm… spoke too soon? shouldn’t this be a drc error? Why would kicad let me to do this?

Why would kicad let me to do this?

It shouldn’t. It is fixed in nightly builds versions, at least in mine:
Version: no-vcs-found-7434~57~ubuntu14.04.1

See the difference. Nightly builds has rounded corners while stable has right angle corners.
But clearance is calculated with the rounded corners algorithm in both cases.