Kicad Nightly - Unable to draw shapes


I am running nightly.

Build: Version: (5.99.0-13279-gefc64e972c), Release

I am unable to draw rectangles, circles, or polygons in the footprint editor. I have faced the same issue with 3 previous nightly builds.

Hello, @kaevee and welcome.

Have you checked your “presets”, just below the icons on the RHS of your screen.
You probably have a dotted line. Change that.

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It was a mistake on my end. I was clicking and holding to draw a rectangle. I did not realize I had to click-release to draw shapes.

@jmk, thanks for the reply though. I was wondering where I am going wrong. Your reply made me take a second look at the problem on hand.

Yeah, going back and forth between Kicad and MacDraft is a real pain because one uses the click/click paradigm and the other the click/drag.

(As a trackpad user I far prefer click/click, but that’s not really either here nor there.)

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