KiCad nightly : ERC bus member warning

Decided to try the nightly to look at ERC improvements over BUS things (KiCad 6.0.0-unk-27a2b84 nightly PPA) and I got a lot of Bus to Wire Entry (...) is connected to Vertical Bus from (...) to (...) (x[y..z]) but is not a member of the bus warnings, but not everywhere.

Any ideas on what’s missing or need to be done, or maybe a bug ?

Behavior of buses changed quite a bit in recent nightlies. I suspect that there is a compatibility bug and suggest reporting. If possible include the schematic files or if that is not possible maybe try to get the same result with something simpler that you can share.

Ok thanks !

I’ve created a small project and schematic to have only the same issue as seen, and reporting it right now on launchpad.


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