KiCAD Nightly build Append schematic of previous version

I’m having trouble while appending the schematic in KiCAD nightly build 5.99 and the old schematic is done in KiCAD 5.1.6.

First try to open the old schematic in V5.99 and save (a copy of?) it.

Then try to append the content of the schematic.

If I do:
Eeschema / File / Append Schematic Sheet Content (From within a project), then I get this dialog:

And it explicitly says that only the new s-expression based format is supported in this situation.

Yes I’ve tried to open. The newer version requires . kicad_sch file extension to open and even after changing file name extension from .sch to .kicad_sch file is not opening.
Note: .sch file created in Kicad 5.1.6

It’s not about the extension, it’s about the file format. You probably have to open that old .sch file normally (with standalone eeschema Open File, or from a KiCad project) first and convert it to the new format which automatically creates a new file with .kicad_sch extension. Then you probably can use that file from that dialog.

Okay Thank you. will check that.
Is there any way where If the footprints/Symbols were created in KiCAD 5.99 nightly and I want to use them in KiCAD 5.1.6 version?
Currently, I’m not able to import the footprint

Can you make your mind up about what you want?

KiCad should always be able to read older file formats (from stable versions). Files created with some nightly versions can be troublesome because there are file format changes during development…

Old KiCad versions often can not read files created by newer KiCad versions.

KiCad’s files are all text based and you can use a text editor to edit them.
If you want to translate some item from a new to an older version, then it may help if you:

  1. Create something similar in the old version.
  2. Convert that project to the new version.
  3. Use a code comparison program (such as meldmerge) to view the differences.
  4. Apply the differences in reverse to the part you want to convert to an old version.

File format for schematics in V5.99 is very different from older versions. When I archive a project, I always add a .pdf or .svg version of the schematic and the gerbers of the PCB to the archive, even tough these can be re-generated by KiCad (and therefore I do not put them into regular backups). It’s just an extra insurance policy in case unforeseeable things happen to KiCad. Also, storing bits is cheap and there is no big reason to skimp on this.

That’s a bit lot of work for me.
I was just looking for an RPI CM4 Connector footprint in kicad stable version instead of KiCAD 5.99.

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