KiCad modules (footprint libraries) not found


I have loaded the latest stable release under win32 on XP.
I have reassigned the pointer to the modules to where they sit:
KISYSMOD C:\ProgramFiles\Kicad\Share\kicad\modules
The files are there, just as they were in the old stable 2013 release but now all have folders rather than “*.MOD” pictures.

I can assign footprints from the schematics fine, and Cvpcb sees the assigned items and they are imported correctly to PCBnew, however if I try to change the footprint from PCBnew I get a page full of errors:
IO_Error: Unable to parse URL
and 8 similar entries.
This is really frustrating as the library was so easy to use in the earlier version.
How do I assign the correct KISYSMOD for the module library?

I suppose the default global Footprint Library Table have entries for GitHub libraries (remote). If you want to use your local libraries (from that path) you need to remove all GitHub libraries from current Footprint Library Table and then using command Append with wizard just add all local libraries.

BTW: Threads about libraries from newbies or migrating users comes back like a boomerang. The doc devs should work hard to finally wrote a good manual/article for that.

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I just did a new install on win7 64 bit and mostly it worked out of the box, however, trying to add libraries from GitHub gave an error that I have not seen before:
IO_Error: http GET command failed
Cannot get /download Zip archive:
for library path:’.
Reason ‘No such host is known’
C:/Jenkins/workspace etc etc.

Other than that it seems to be OK.

If, like me you prefer pdf files to html then navigate to the documents at:
and move all the files other than the *.pdf versions to a new folder in there (I called mine Epub_html) and then the help system will find the pdf in preference to html.

The 32 bit version in XP threw errors at any attempt to change the footprints from pcbnew. The new installation seems fine and reacts very much like the old stable version.

Is there any way to remove the pad outlines on the silk screen prints globally under the print command. It exists in plot so the gerber files can be done without the pads appearing on the silk, but I find it a bit distracting on the screen prints when printed on a laser printer. The alternative seems to be to remove the location from all pads individually in the pad edit window – laborious!

The new “move exactly” function is great! Very handy for fixing holes in boxes etc. It saves eyestrain watching the co-ordinates windows.

This would be on my wish list.