kicad_mod / new format - pcbnew, cvpcb don't recognize


using a build from git 2014-10-25 (debian user here). I seem to be unable to add new style libraries to pcbnew and cvpcb. searching for the new format indicated this version should support them - is that true and I’m just missing how to do it? Adding libraries wizard filters for “old footprint libraries”.

Catch-22 is: the library editor only supports exporting to new footprint library - at least the export wizard only shows that format. I cannot generate new footprints anymore.

in /usr/share/kicad are copies in both old and new format of each included library.

I’d like to stick with the debian-maintained package - if it’s a problem with that specific build I’ll file a bug against the debian package

Error messages?

Custom libraries obviously can’t go into /usr/share/kicad as this directory is usually not writable, unless that is intentionally changed. Putting them there is a bad idea anyway, as updates might wipe them out later.

What does your fp-lib-table look like?

I did not get any error messages, including stdout,stderr

I don’t put custom libraries in /usr/share/kicad, I just found the one kicad ships with there - that’s what I meant with “included”. Actually I just looked what the packet ships, and it has all modules are all with old format - seems to me, an older debian build had new format libraries, and newer builds somehow reverted to shipping the old stuff.

Could not find any hint of fp-lib-table, where do I look for that?

It might reside in your home folder (was the case). In more recent builds it is stored in


Example files can be found here:

Care must be taken that some environment variables are set properly.

KISYSMOD: path to library folder (for local copies, e.g. /usr/share/kicad/…)
KISYS3DMOD: path to 3D objects

If I remember correctly, this was covered on here before.