KiCad Mac Folder Icon

I jotted together a folder icon for my Mac cause I kept having trouble finding the KiCad folder in the Sea of blue :wink:

For those who’d like to use it as well. Credit goes to hyOzd which is where I got the Monochrome/BW logo for the folder.



Nice! Would you be up for sharing this with @adamwolf who does our Mac packaging?

Do with it as you please, but as I said in the original post, the original Monochrome/BW logo I believe came from ‘hyOzd’… so I you probably should ask him that question - all I did was change the color, touch up the drop shadow and add it to a Mac Folder. :grin: But looks sweet in my Applications Folder. Personally I think KiCad should have a custom folder… cause it’s AWESOME. lol

@hyOzd Let me know if I have your permission to use your files for this. I’d love to get this integrated into the builds.

@adamwolf I merely modified this. It should be under GPL license. I don’t think my permission required. If it was, I would be more than happy to let you use it :blush:


:+1: added this to the mac packaging backlog. Thanks, folks.


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