KiCad library name of Phoenix Contact 5mm screw terminal connector


please help me to find Phoenix Contact 5mm screw terminal connector in kicad


Phoenix contact builds more than one type of screw terminal connector with 5mm pin pitch. Which one do you mean? (The official lib has two libs for phoenix. both have phoenix in their name. One is for terminal blocks one for connectors. If your type is in neither then you need to look somewhere else.)



these might not ship with the 5.0.1 or 5.0.2 installer, so you need to config the github library yourself:


The PT series has not changed since 5.0.1 It has not changed for half a year. And if we ignore the documentation field than more than a year. (git blame is your friend)


Be careful that imperial 5.08mm (0.2") and hard metric 5.00mm look extremely similar in small terminal count connectors