KiCad Library Micro USB Connector?


One the KiCad connector library, I found a Micro USB connector, but when looking for an actual connector to buy for that footprint I can’t find any. It’s the one with 5 SMD pins and through hole shields. Could someone help me find those connectors? I can’t find them, I’ve been searching for the past 30 minutes.


It’s either mentioned in the component library (eeschema) or as a best guess something from China (Ebay/Aliexpress) that is widely and cheaply available…
Or, check the value field of the footprint in the lib, maybe that one gives a clue?

Can you post a picture of the footprint in question?
Some of us that would like to help don’t have the libs installed :wink:



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Might actually be easier you select a micro USB connector and draw a footprint for it… sooner or later you need that ability anyway.

One from Amphenol and Hirose look close to what you need, but their footprint is a bit more complicated afai-can-see.

PS: that footprint is very poor anyway, unless you have a lot of layers deactivated.
I mean, look at it… no silk screen markers, no device outline, and the courtyard is not very sophisticated nor optimized for anything really.
Not usable IMHO if you adhere to any standard at all…

Conn_USBmicro-B_ebay-side_TH.kicad_mod (3.8 KB)
For that one I made a 3D model for @maui some time ago… just search the forums, should also have a link to the datasheet I think.


I found 3 USB micro connectors : USB_Micro-B, USB_Micro-B_10103594-0001LF and USB_Micro-B_Molex_47346-0001

The one called “USB_Micro-B” is basically useless, I suspect it is a “legacy” footprint and no one knows where it came from. But at least it meets the KLC :slight_smile:

I would use one of the others with a named part number (if still available) or design your own based on what you intend to purchase.


I don’t think so:
No pin 1 marker
No datasheet in the description field
3d path not set
Possibly wrong offset between body and courtyard. (It does not have a fab outline and there is no datasheet. So who knows?)

found the original pull request:

The usb micro b part is based on:


I should see to get you some sort of sherlock badge :spy: there @Rene_Poschl



Conn_USB-micro-2.0_socket_right-angle.wrl (141.2 KB)
Conn_USB-micro-2.0_socket_right-angle.step (657.7 KB)


I got one too. Tested yesterday…

Molex 105017-0001

USB_Micro-B_Molex-105017-0001.kicad_mod (3.4 KB)
Molex_Micro_USB_105017-0001.wrl (234.6 KB)
Molex_Micro_USB_105017-0001.step (691.7 KB)

Upps… EDIT… again


Please, fix the typo: MICRO, not MIRCO. Nobody will be able to find it in a search with that misspelling.


Looks like the USB issue (lack of good footprints) is coming up a lot lately.

Please submit PRs for USB footprints here:

(This is brand new so don’t be dissuaded by the complete lack of footprints in that library)


Thx, i was blind… But have consistently done everything wrong. :disappointed_relieved:


Ok, i think i have to fight with git / github. I will try it in the afternoon.


Sorry to lift this thread just to post a picture, but I thought as a note to those looking for micro usb connector to double check the type because many are similar:

Picture are courtesy of gMarket store and Connector World on aliexpress