KiCad library extensions


In an effort to make my private footprint & 3D model collection fit the new KiCad library / features more I’ve been reworking it as library overlay (quite literally, using OverlayFS). The intent is to gradually update and improve most parts.
If someone (from the KiCad team?) wants to submit any of these to the standard library, by all means, feel free.

The footprint libraries (either created from scratch or KiCad library files):

The 3D models I created:

I also have a pack of 3rd-party 3D models of random origin.
Is there a list of manufacturers who have given KiCad permission to include their 3D models? I’d be happy to use that to make some available.


That number would be zero. We must require them to relicense their models under the kicad library license. No manufacturer agrees to that requirement.