Kicad killed when trying to run CvPCB [SOLVED]

Hi, I am trying to learn Kicad and am running into a problem when I try to run CvPCB to associate components and footprints where Kicad becomes unresponsive and then Ubuntu (16.04) kills Kicad.

I have tried rebooting, deleting and remaking the schematic, uninstalling and reinstalling kicad. All have the same outcome, kicad gets killed when trying to run CvPCB.

The schematic consists of a battery, resistor, LED and switch. There are also 5V and GND power flags and 5V and GND rails on either side of the battery.

Can anyone suggest how to overcome this problem?

what is your kicad version? Are you using on demand online libs (github plugin)?

V4.0.2+dfsg1-stable. I don’t think I am using demand online libraries. How would I check for that?

The current version of kicad is version 5.0.0
Even if you want to stay with v4 you should really update to 4.0.7

v4 by default comes with online libs. check it via the library manager found in the preferences menu of pcb_new (or the footprint editor)
If any of the entries start with KIGITHUB (and have github as plugin type) then you use on demand online libs.

Take a look at this to learn how you can get local libs setup: How can i install a specific version of the footprint library?

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Sounds like Debian? Check into backports to upgrade to 4.0.7

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It looks like I am not using the github plugin. I’ll try installing V5.0.0

Installing V5.0.0 fixed it. Thank you for your help.

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