KiCad Is Removing my trace Connections!

Help! I’m pulling my hairs out. I have the design below with a net connected with vias through a number of layers. I have thin tract section which I want to connect with multiple tracks (0.25mm) in six layers to give me an effective 1.5mm track width. The problem is KiCad in only allowing me to route one layer. As soon as I route the same vias in other layers, KiCad removes the traces in other layers! I have had this problem before and managed to get round it by using copper pours instead of traces.

Anyone seen this before and know of a fix - besides copper pours?

Remove the checkbox in: Pcbnew / Route / Interactive Router Settings / Options / [ ] Remove redundant tracks

@paulvdh: your contributions here are extraordinarily helpful. First of all, a big “thank you”; secondly, you should write a book! I’d buy it. :grinning:

Phew! Many thanks paulvdh and Amen to SteveT’s suggestion.

Now, I love KiCad but this is one feature I would put in a post-process area and not as a default flag that is quietly wreaking havoc where it is. There are more times that one intentionally uses redundant traces than unintentionally so, and they are mostly harmless if not pretty.

Keep up the good work.:+1::+1:

While I’m here would you or anyone know why KiCad prefixes some of my net labels with a “/” but not others. I can’t seem to find any reason why.

Lastly, I think there is a separate site for KiCad suggestions and wish list (I have a few),. Any idea where that is please?

Difference between local and global labels


Thanks Rene_Poschl for the education.

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