KiCad hangs or crashes when network server goes down

I am using a Windows machine. A few of the resources that my projects use are hosted on a Windows server on our network. For example, I keep drawing sheets on the server. A few times when the server has gone down for maintenance, this has caused KiCAD to crash because it cannot find the file for the drawing sheet.

Edit The more accurate description of my problem is that it first hangs for a few minutes then eventually crashes or I have to manually terminate the program

Crash is not good and should be reported. Hang can be because some network file implementations block until the network resource is available again, and there’s no timeout.

I’ve seen the same problem. For me it doesn’t crash but it hangs and eventually times out after a (too) long time.

I should clarify that the program hangs, it doesn’t crash immediately. I have edited my original post.

At what point does it crash though? While having it open already? While trying to open it? etc, what action

It shouldn’t crash. It should refuse to proceed and request to close if some important file is cut off, ideally making a local backup

At one point, it was when trying to open. After the initial crash, I restarted and it hung for a bit before telling me that it couldn’t find the drawing sheets.

At another time, it hung while I had everything open. I should note that my symbol and footprint libraries are also on this server.

This is all in addition to other random crashes that I get. Many times when I am doing work KiCAD just randomly crashes. That’s why I have auto-save set to run every minute. Perhaps there are multiple things going on here.

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