Kicad guides in spanish



I recently tried to find some information about kicad in spanish and didn’t find as much as I wanted, so I decided to (try) allocate some time to make some simple guides (probably videos) on how to use kicad from schematic capture to generate gerber files. the target audience is spanish speaking students and hobbyists.

first I would like to know about things that the community thinks are needed on a guide and what kind of stuff I could just breeze through, all ideas are welcomed!!!

so far I am planning for:

  • Installation and quick explanation on what are the different modules
  • schematic capture: creating your own symbols, using hierarchical sheets, buses.
  • assigning footprints: assign existing footprints, create footprints
  • making a PCB: layer design rules, track with control, board layout. generating outputs, BOM creation
  • (optional) creating board variants from the same schematic (say have two boards with different footprints for certain components)
  • (optional) best practices (this is the one where I will need all the input I can get from you guys)
  • (optional) spicing things up (circuit simulation once 5.0 comes out)
  • (optional) using Kicost

I hope to hear your feedback :slight_smile:


Hi Óscar,

Juanjo Perales has published the best kicad tutorial ever.
In Spanish.


this is the first time I hear about this guide. might be a good idea to ask a maintainer to add it to the official guides in help/tutorials page


in any case, I think I’ll continue working on making the video scripts for absolute beginners AND I’ll reference this tutorial, it is too good to not to reference it :grinning:

so any ideas about content are welcomed, I’m going to try to focus on short videos about how to do frequent tasks.


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