KiCad group buses

I’m relatively new to KiCad, so…

I need to use both vector and group busses in my schematics - vector busses for busses with numbered wires, like DBus[0…7], and group busses for busses with non-numbered wire names (e.g., Flags{S Z C}.

To make sure I understood how this worked, I created a vector bus named DB[0…7] and split off its individual wires DB0, DB1, …, DB7. I connected those eight wires to an 8-pin connector symbol. I also created a group bus named Flags{S Z C} and split off its individual wires Flags.S, Flags.Z and Flags.C. I connected those three wires to a 3-pin connector symbol.

When I ran the ERC it was happy with the DB[0…7] bus and wires but gave errors saying the Flags.S, Flags.Z and Flags.C nets aren’t connected to anything. It seems as if the net names Flags.S, Flags.Z and Flags.C didn’t match the net names generated by the Flags{S Z C} bus label.

This seems to fly in the face of KiCad’s own documentation re group busses.

How do I correctly name a group bus and its individual wires?


The editor seems to replace two dots with three. So my [0…7] really contains two dots between the 0 and 7.

Will not help in that matter but one question: Do you know that you can use buses as only graphic lines (without naming them)?
It is only the question, not suggestion.
In KiCad V5 buses were only graphic lines and I simply used to use them that way. I suppose I would need naming buses if my schematics were multi sheet, but they are not.

Thanks Piotr. my issue turned out to be a user error (mine). :roll_eyes:

Yes, I’m aware you don’t have to name a bus; you can just name the wires connected to the bus. But as I mentioned, I want to pass busses between the root sheet and sub-sheets, so I have to name them.

Are you sure?
I have never done multi-sheet schematic and I didn’t checked if net labels (assigned by “Add a net label” - tool at the right toolbox) are local or global. I also don’t remember it from documentation but it should be easy to find.
If they are global then naming buses going between sheets would be not mandatory, I think.
But may be they are not.