KiCad Gerber Viewer - Change Origin

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to use Gerber Viewer to compare two different revisions of the same design.
I have only access to files with extensions “.BOT”, “.DRD”, “.IN1”, “.IN2”, “.SMB”, “.SMT”, “.SPB”, “.SPT”, “.SSB”, “.SST”, “.TOP”.
So for example I have “Rev1.BOT”, “Rev1.DRD”, etc… and “Rev2.BOT”, “Rev2.DRD”, etc…
Unfortunately, when I import all layers, the two revisions have different origin, so I cannot compare them because are not aligned.
Is there any way to move all layers of “Rev2” to align to “Rev1”?
I have not been able to find any way to do this in Gerber Viewer while I know its possible with the free version of ViewMate.

Thank you for any help.

Kind Regards,

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