KiCad Forum Menubar

I’d like a link to by clicking an icon on the KiCad Forum Menubar.

I’ll send @ChrisGammell a message about it.

I think this would be a bit counter intuitive. I for example expect the return to the main page. (Which it does.)

Not sure how others think about this.

There are already a number of icons, The main icon is KiCadInfo which is as it should be. Other icons are search, menubar and user. I am suggesting an icon to go to the site.

It is just the reciprocal of what is on the kicad-pcb.og site. Simply to make it more convenient to move between the two sites.

We can maybe do that on the top, it’d be kind of like the links I do on the CE forum. Would that be what you’re hoping for?

Yeah - instead of home you’d have or an icon. CE is probably an important one too. They could even be under a links icon.

My 2 cents

I usually click on the KiCAD info ‘image’ to reload the forums…
A link to KiCAD pcb org on the right, next to the magnifying glass would be useful or a menu for a couple of important links.