KiCad for Mac crashes 100% when edit a parameter of a Edge.Cuts circle


Hello,everyone. I’m going to cry.
When I set a parameter of a Edge.Cuts circle. Kicad always crash.
After some crash, I finally drew a circle, parameter like this:

But when I want to draw another circle under that one, Kicad crash again and again. The parameter I want to use is like this:

If I press OK button, KiCad will crash. I don’t know why. Is this a hell parameter?


I run Linux. If I have a mysterious crash I’ll start the program from the command line. Sometimes it will print something useful on the screen. Not always.


Raise a bug report on Launchpad, with the information above and the “about” details


Er… Sorry, where is the Lunchpad for bug reporting?


KiCad use Canonical Launchpad for bug reporting.
You have to be registered there


Thanks. I’ve reported the bug.