KiCad for Jenson Nano?

I have a Jetson Nano running Jetpack 4.6.1 (ubuntu 18.04 LTS). I did run the sudo apt install kicad and it did install KiCad version 4.0.7 form 2015… well, is there any way to get a newer version?

I never tried to download source code and build it myself, I guess that is something beyond my skills at the moment.

Your Ubuntu version is too old and out of support. Update that first.


Step 1, what he said ^
Step 2, read the install instructions Install on Linux | KiCad EDA to use the PPA.
Ubuntu default package repositories use Debian packages that lag seriously behind


No, it’s Ubuntu that doesn’t pick up the backported packages from Debian, it’s not the fault of Debian.

Pardon my ignorance about Linux in general . . . I’m assuming the Jetson is not x86, won’t the user need binaries compiled for the CPU in question for it to work ?

Debian GNU/Linux 11 supports 9 major architectures and several variations of each architecture known as “flavors”.


You will need to upgrade at least to Ubuntu 20.04.
KiCad v7.0.7 is available for this, though if you are upgrading you might as well install the latest LTS 22.04, or even 23.04

I wasn’t really meaning binaries for the OS but for KiCad itself . . . of course there may be the possibility to compile it directly on the platform it’s going to be run on, but that is probably beyond the scope of most users.

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