KiCad footprint for Bluetooth modules sharing the same layout


Is there an existing footprint for those Bluetooth modules sharing the same layout shown below ?
I am trying to make one but it is complicated and I must calculate all X/Y coordinates manually.

Many manufacturers will give you symbol, footprint and 3D CAD, alternatively the likes of Mouser may have it too. Or just learn how to create a footprint.

There is no universal footprint for “Bluetooth Module”. There are a bunch of different manufacturers, and each manufacturer may have different models and sizes. So start by figuring out the manufacturer and model names. After that you can go look at manufacturer websites, websites of EDA data such as SnapEda, PCB Libraries, Samacsys etc, or have a look at sites like gitlab and github and search there for a mix of keywords such as KiCad, Bluetooth, and the model of your Bluetooth module.

But also, it is a very simple footprint. You can either draw a single long array of pads and do some rotating and moving, or draw three smaller rows of pads and add a few lines to make it look more pretty. Once you’ve learned to work with KiCad’s Footprint Editor, a footprint like this can be made in 5 to 10 minutes (but it’s easy to spend another hour fiddling with details)

I know that there are many sorts of BT modules, but I didn’t exaplin myself correctly.
I am looking for the footprint corresponding to the layout shown here.
I searched SnapEDA, which is where I always look first (but I forgot to say so).
And I’m still not very used to create such footprints using KiCAD’s footprint editor. At least I don’t know if I can easily creat a row of pads by just giving the size of one pad, the space between two, and the initial X/Y coordinates.

Yes, that was already clear. But to find it you need some kind of name from the manufacturer or the name of the module. How can you search SnapEDA without knowing the name of the module? Do you just start browsing through all available bluetooth modules? Maybe it is an ESP32 or other uC module which also happens to have bluetooth onboard. Where did you buy the thing? What other info does the shop where you bought it have? What IC is used on the module?

Your picture means very little. I did a reverse image search on yandex, and as expected it finds a lot of similar images but with different pinouts. From ESP32-S2 to CC3310 and lots of others too.

What is keeping you from trying?
The biggest obstacle is that you have to start with a bit of library management. You have to have a writable footprint library, and name a footprint in it before you can edit the footprint. For a row of pads, you first put a single pad on the footprint canvas, then set it’s properties (THT, size, etc) and then create an array of them. It works pretty similar to the array tool in the PCB editor. The footprint editor also has built in tools to change the properties of already placed pads. You can also select a bunch of pads and then move them to another location. Plenty of possibilities, but it will take a few hours of effort to get familiar with how it works. After that learning curve you can make such a footprint in 10 minutes or thereabouts.

I thought I would be able to walk straight up to this footprint but I was wrong, I tried various descriptions and found nothing with that amount of pins. I’m afraid you will have to go to the people you bought it from. Otherwise make your own and this one is a good opener as its not as hard as it looks when you sit and think about it for a moment, you only have to consider the pads not the whole thing.

Ok never mind. Module is Feasycom FSC-BT1026. There are five versions which share the same footprint.

There are only 3 (three) physical versions and they all have the Same physical layout. The Chip’s/etc are not a part of the PCB layout.

Can be observed in image below (unless I’m blind…)

So, you can make one Footprint. Can make different 3D-Models to assign to the Footprints (and can copy/paste footprint with desired/specific name and 3D-Model.

That helps.
This search:

very quickly finds:

I don’t know if that one works, but there are a few pages of search results.

Indeed there are three physical versions, although each may use a different firmware.

Many thanks !
Can’t understand why google didn’t bring this (I never use Duckduckgo).
I managed to design my own footprint yesterday evening and will compare.
Here’s what I ended with:


I also put the search into google and was surprised about how bad the results were. First time I noticed googles search results deteriorating was some 15 to 20 years ago. Google makes money by letting you click around for things, and not by directing you to the thing you want. I absolutely despise advertisements and the way they have broken the internet. But I digress…

Double plus good!

Awesome ! :partying_face: I bet it didn’t take to long either. I used to use duck duck go a while back and seems like I should go back to it ! as Windows didn’t even get me close.

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