Kicad files where is the best place to open source for most involvement

Kicad files where is the best place to open source for most involvement?

There active capactivie electrode system for a openbci ganglion or cylon board :thinking: the hub interface board and connectors im still figuring.

Your post has been up for 21 hours without an answer. I do not understand the question and maybe there are others who feel similarly.

Are you asking for how to work on KiCad? Or a website to discuss your projects? I do not know…

Maybe it would help for you to rephrase your question? I would probably not be the one to give you a good answer, regardless.

It’s the same here:

And some *&^%$#@! to get over 20 characters.

Yeah me three.

AFAICT OP is talking about projects made with KiCad. That has nothing to do with the source for the KiCad application. One can release (or not) one’s projects as Open Source. One can even make money (gasp) using KiCad as a tool for remunerative projects.

If someone wants visibility for his/her Open Source (Open Hardware) project made with KiCad and attract involvement, they should put it in some version control service. Github and Gitlab are the most popular at the moment. But it needs also publishing the information somewhere else, too, because the project gets lost under the masses otherwise. I think is a good one. You can also announce it here under Projects category (read About the Projects category first).

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