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I am trying to import KiCad to Altium for further analysis on my PCB design. However the issue I am having is that the file extension on KiCad has recently changed. It used to be .pro and .sch for the project and the schematic, however now it is .kicad_pro or .kicad_sch. Is there anyway to get it back to the original extensions?



The file extensions changed due to new formats in v6.

.sch → .kicad_sch
.pro → .kicad_pro

.kicad_pcb was already used in v5.

So if you have the new extensions, your importer needs to be able to handle v6 files.

Is it possible to revert these to older extensions? Can I open projects made in V6 into V5?

In general no. v6 formats have new features and even if there were a translator, it might lose essential information. You should ask for an updated Altium importer. Obviously this is not the concern of the KiCad project.


Edit: My post can be ignored because I did not read op carefully [as per @eelik note below]

KiCad v6 does import altium sch and PCB files natively (file → import non KiCad file, in standalone sch editor or PCB editor respectively). v7RC has even improved altium importer. There is no need to play with KiCad v5 and external plugins - converters.

The question is about KiCad → Altium conversion.

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