KiCAD Errors and Warnings

I am populating a board and my tests are failing. I now see that some of the ground triangles have an open circle. When I left a pin or wire unconnected, I got errors and warnings. All of this was giving me false security in that the schematic would notify one of unconnected pins. What else has KiCad forgotten? I am disappointed.

First of all neither your title nor your post encourages people to help you. I understand that you want to rant but this is not the way to go!

Now lets start from the beginning. Kicad does not really care about pins. It cares about nets. So if you have more than one thing on the GND net kicad will be happy (The gnd net is introduced by the gnd power symbol -> the thing you call triangle.)
I agree that it would be a good idea to flag power symbols without a connection. (There is a bug report requesting this. But as it is quite early in the morning i do not care to search for it. Especially when i remember your tone.)

There is something that is intented to help here. It is the electrical type power input. Everything that you intent to connect to a power symbol should have this pin type. That way kicad will throw “error type 3 pin connected but no pin to drive it” if you do not connect that pin to a powr source. (Only one power source is allowed per net)


From my understanding, the type input is designed for active components. For example, If I have a voltage dividing circuit with just two resistors, it gets ignored. I am distraught because it appears so structured with a DAC or something fairly complex and gives false hope.

Why do you come on here and make such incorrect statements without actually asking any questions? Your understanding is flawed, either ask a meaningful question or provide an example that is causing you problems.

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