KiCAD Error Help!

I was editing pad numbers on a custom footprint, when I clicked on a pad and pressed ‘e’. Instead of opening the properties window, as is normal, I get this:

I click ‘No’, and get this:

At this point, when I click ‘No’, I see another error about IsDrawing(). I think that’s a .NET reference. So I assume there will be many more errors, so I attempt to continue, ignoring the popup. None of the action buttons work. So, I save the footprint, then open the popup window. this time, I click ‘Yes’. Cursor changes to ‘Busy’ and program is forcefully closed by Windows after about five seconds.

Upon reopening KiCAD, it functions normally. How can this be avoided in the future?

Software and OS version. Looks like some version of Windows?

Report this on the bugtracker please.

Windows 10(64-bit), KiCAD 5.0.2

5.0 does no longer get updates. Switch to 5.1.2.

Okay, doing that now. Should I cancel the bug report?

Keep it up but ensure the version info is given. If you can recreate the same problem in a newer version then add that one as a comment.

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