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 New here so it may be a question "everyone knows" but, how does one submit recommendations for KiCad enhancements or suggestions to, maybe improve the existing tool?

Grant S.

There’s the category where you can ask other end users what they think about your ideas. Don’t state them as direct requests lest people mistake you thinking that it’s the place to reach the developers.

If you haven’t followed KiCad development and/or aren’t very familiar with the tool yet, there may exist other ways to do the same thing or maybe it has already been implemented in the development version. You can always ask.

The actual feature wishes go to the issue database,

Please be careful before making any feature request at gitlab.
Many improvements are already known, and possibly even already implemented (in KiCad-nightly V5.99) When making a feature request on gitlab, you should at least do a search through all the issues already mentioned (around 1500!).

The most precious resource of the KiCad project is the time that developers are volunteering to improve the software. Time they spend on reading (sorting, indexing, labeling) messages on gitlab is time they can not spend on the software itself.

The feature request link eelik mentioned does not seem well-used :slight_smile: but still seems valid.
On this user forum it’s a bit simpler. If you think you have a good idea, then just make a post about it.

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I’m not sure what you mean. For each new topic here the poster can choose the category. The link leads to that category, i.e. all the topics in this forum filtered by category. This forum software doesn’t use the categories heavily, so topics may easily be miscategorized. It’s not a big problem but I recommend getting familiar with the categories here and using them.

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