KiCad Edge.cuts won't cut PCB holes

I have this KiCad project that has multiple PCBs, and i cant get KiCad 3D renders to have holes in all PCBs where there is a circle in edge.cuts, only in one of the five PCBs the holes are present. Have a look:

there should be the same holes in every board.
Is there any possible fix to this?

currently Kicad supports only one pcb per project.

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KiCad only really supports one PCB per project, so either split your project into five, or if you intent to manufacture these together, connect these PCBs manually using bridges and mouse bites or whatever, depending on how you intent to break them apart later. Similar to this:

There is a KiCad-Utils plugin that can create these automatically, but I have no experience with it or if it works with the newest KiCad version.