Dear Team,
I need to extract the DXF files from the below PCB file which was created using Kicad.

I need the DXF to contain the exact location of the main 4 connectors shown in blue.
May I know how to do it.


Your image shows an Auxiliary Origin (at lower left corner):

When you generate the DXF from the Plot menu, select to use the Auxiliary Axis As Origin.

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Export of DXF is in: Pcbnew / File / Plot, the same dialog as for generating Gerber files.

You can set the plot format to either Gerber, Postscript, SVG, DXF, HPGL or PDF.

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Can you please tell me what is Auxiliary axis

  1. Pcbnew / Help (If this does not work, then install the manual first).
  2. Manual is also available @
  3. Read chapter 11.3. Setting coordinates origin
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This appears to be the standard Arduinno UNO layout. You should be able to find the dimensional location of these features with a good internet search. Try searching for “Arduino UNO dimensional drawing” or something similar.

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