Kicad doesn't see my project

Kicad can’t see my project.

It was done in a nightly build version from sometime in the fall. But version 5.1.10 can’t see it.

How do I fix this?

I did find a thread that says that files created in nightly can’t be opened in stable. So I think that is probably my issue.

I think you are pretty much stuck in terms of an easy way to open a 5.99 project with 5.1.10. I am using a 5.99 and have been happy with those nightly builds. I gather that we are getting close to 6.0 stable release and I suspect that there is low risk in just staying with 5.99 on your project. Someone who knows more than I do on this…please comment.

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I hope 6.0 can open 5.99. We shall see when the day comes.

6.0 is the same as 5.99. 5.99 is only a temporary number as its unfinished. Once things are ready it gets renamed to 6.0 proper and we focus purely on bug fixes while starting working on 6.99/7.0 :wink: