Kicad doesent recognise library


I have footprint library directory in /usr/share/kicad/modules/ and its not showing up in the footprint browser as a library.

Were is the correct place for footprints?


just placing it in the right folder isn’t enough.
in PCBnew you also have to add the library in Preferences/Manage Footprint Libraries


Additionally: Do not place personal libs into a system folder. The next update will delete it!


I placed them in non system paths I didn’t know updates clobber things in system paths.


This is a system path. Place personal libs into your home folder.


They aren’t in the system path.


I am confused now? Did you place your libs into /usr/share/kicad/modules or somewhere else?

Because whatever you think. That directory is a system directory. You need root rights to write to it for a reason. And the kicad installer will definitely overwrite it.


Its in a sub directory in home path.


I think you are looking for other question than above question. What is your actual issue? If it is about the footprint browser, then @Anders_Wallin give you the solution, which is to add your library path into the “Footprint Libraries table”… So I’m also confuse.