KiCad Developer (and group) Flair


We now have a way to notate when users are members of the KiCad development team. We will leave it up to them to apply for this “Group” on discourse. Joining the group will give them flair that shows up over their avatar. First (but very likely not last) version of this looks like this:

This is all built in to the “group” function on the newer version of Discourse. If there are other groups that would make sense, we would be happy to consider them. This allows group messaging, private chat areas and (obviously) flair. Each group would be considered on a case-by-case basis, please message the mods.

The Dev group is available here:

Please apply directly or message a mod if you would like to be included.



yay i feel special now


You’ve always BEEN special…you’re just finally seeing it :wink:


and, since you stick your head out, from now on will be hammered with questions :wink: